Lace Frontal Wig

Select your frontal wig here! Our 13×6 lace Frontal Wig is made of 100% virgin human hair, the hair hooked on the lace net (it is the kind that is very thin and evenly distributed with some very small meshes). There is a stretch lace mesh on the top of the head to make sure different head sizes are applicable, and they are all made of real hair. Our lace frontal wig is hand-woven with real hair on a transparent lace bottom. There is something difference between a full lace wig and a lace frontal wig, The bottom of the full lace wig is entirely lace, while the lace frontal wig only has transparent lace in the front of the wigs where the hairline is obvious, the rest is made of non-fragile materials. lace frontal wigs are the best wig for people who want a natural hair look but at an affordable price. The headgear should be glued to your scalp, and it can last for a moderate amount of time in different Use scene, for example, the wearer can bathe, swim, and can participate in vigorous sports with our wigs.